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Meet and great- People I met- Leute, die ich traf …

Meet and greet in Morocco

As I mentioned- in the German part- that, in my opinion, it´s more about the experience you get and less about the big pictures as you can see this in any tourist guide- like the Mosque xy, that thousands of people have already shared on flickr/picasa etc.

What I always appreciate, is to meet new people, especially from other nations and to see what there approach is to travel to a different continent by „car“, bike, motorbike, instead of just booking a package holiday- what would be either cheaper and less exhausting.

As I had really bad experiences with the douanees – 5h[!] of discussions and they send me to every station that they had in the douane + „do you have a weapon station in your car, it is a military car!“. I left the ferry as one of the first cars, as I was one of the last to park my truck on the ferry. So I drove on African ground at 15.15h local time an left the douane 20.15h. I had on the other hand a lot of time to meet new people. There have gone 3 more ferries after me, before I got into Morocco.


So I met the cool 5 French guys (2 girls and 3 boys- a kind of hippy style) who spend have the year in Senegal. So Morocco is just a drive through for them.They drove 3 vans like an old Mercedes 508 (or something like that) – very pimped. Looks a little like a hippy car..
By the way THANKS for helping in the negotiation with the „Chef“ (douane) and cheers.


I met the 2 austrian Teams right after a short part of highway on a gas-station. As we both left Tangier Med after 20h, it was dark. They took the road into Atlas- „no tourist trophy“.

AT Team 2012 Tangier

AT Team 2012 Tangier